hardwood flooring Refinishing: Bring Back the Beauty and Charm of Your Home

Salvage your old hardwood flooring and refinish it with a floor refinishing process that will offer the best in style, color, and durability. Some of the best quality floors are made with reclaimed wood that has been fired in the kiln and dried.

Wood floors can be difficult to refinish. If you have old hardwood floors installed or salvage them, you can’t just take them down and start to refinish them. Instead you need to preserve the lumber so it is properly dried and no veneer has been used. Then the pieces need to be held in place by using engineered wood sheathing to attach them to the floor.

First you must identify the species of such wood you have at your home. While some woods are actually very durable to handle refinishing they won’t be able to withstand the process if they have veneer. Even though veneer is sometimes used in very old wood the polyester resin is not as durable and it can get damaged if it’s too thin. Next you need to determine the type of finish you will be using.

There are a number of ways to refinish hardwood flooring. There are two main types: the liquid and the solvent based. Many people choose to salvage their old wood flooring and then refinish it to create a whole new look and feel for their home. This can be a great way to save money and there are even companies out there that will refinish your wood flooring for you.

The first step is to remove any loose flooring from the beams and joists to make way for the new flooring you’re going to refinish. You will then need to prepare the lumber for the refinishing process. You may want to stain or paint the boards as well. If you do decide to stain or paint the wood you will need to decide how much you’re willing to spend on the project.

One of the greatest things about salvaging and refinishing hardwood flooring is that you’ll be able to create a warm and inviting room. But of course your floor will need to be sealed before you refinish it. This will help protect it from moisture damage and then you can apply the sealant as desired. You can also apply it with a roller when the wood is wet.

When refinishing your old wood, you will have to pay special attention to all areas that will be exposed to moisture. As a general rule any visible blemishes and stains are the ones you need to sand off before you begin the refinishing process. If you want to redo the entire floor, you should plan on having someone do the work for you.

Salvaging and refinishing hardwood flooring can offer you a unique opportunity to bring back the beauty and charm of your home. And it doesn’t require a great deal of expense to accomplish the task. If you want to save your old flooring you may want to hire an expert on hardwood flooring refinishing.

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