Impact Resistant Windows Are a Must For Your Home

Impact-resistant windows were originally inspired by the car industry to provide additional protection from the weather. However, some homeowners are still under the mistaken notion that installing plywood over their old windows is actually going to keep them safe during hurricanes. While it may be a good idea to take down old shutters to the ground during a storm, installing plywood won’t do much to protect the windows themselves. In fact, the only time the plywood should be taken down is when the power is off, which is usually during a power outage.

Impact-resistance window treatments have changed considerably over the past century. A few decades ago, homeowners were forced to use plywood over the older windows of their home. The results of this practice are obvious in many coastal homes. Plywood tends to expand, rather than contract, with the weather, especially when wind speeds are high. Eventually, the plywood breaks apart, causing the windows to warp and bulge, creating a sagging effect on the house.

While this is definitely an eye-catching effect, the extra protection offered by toughened impact-resistance glass is worth the price of the new windows. These windows are typically made with toughened glass, which consists of two layers of tempered glass, sandwiched together. Because these windows are toughened to a greater degree than traditional windows, they can stop the impact to a greater degree than ordinary windows can. In addition, the tempered glass blocks wind and rain better than other forms of glass, which means that homeowners are not exposed to the same amount of damage from the elements.

Some of the best impact-resistant windows on the market today feature double panes. These windows use double layers of toughened glass for the best combination possible. Not only do they offer better protection from wind and rain, but they also protect the homeowner from other kinds of weather that might cause damage to other windows in the house, as well.

Windows that features additional panes are typically available in both fiberglass and wood frames. Fiberglass windows, which are also known as fiberglass shutter panels, can actually act like a barrier between the windows and the outside world, which help to keep the heat and cold out while still allowing air to pass through. On the other hand, wood frames can also act as an energy saver, because they can help reduce energy consumption for the home during hot, summer months while insulating the interior from the cold during winter months.

Impact-resistance windows are still available to consumers today, though a majority of homes still lack of the technology needed to install them. A great option for homeowners who want a little extra security in their homes is to have new windows installed. Fortunately, there are window companies in Florida who offer affordable installation service for older homes, which often include the installation of new impact-resistance windows. If you would rather have a company to install new windows on your home, contact an expert in the industry, who will provide all of the necessary information on how to choose the best kind for your home.

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